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Driving History/Bulk Motor Vehicle Report

For Business Users Only

Recertify as a Bulk MVR User or Requestor

Bulk MVR - Any employer who requests more than 50 MVR per year.

Proceed through the following steps to recertify with DDS.

  1. Print and complete the Application For Bulk Motor Vehicle Records. If you do not have Adobe Reader, click here to download it. Sign and date the form.
  2. Print and complete the Bulk MVR Security Affirmation.
  3. For the purposes of insurance, employment, credit, and rental car agency:
  4. For the purpose of limited rating information:
  5. A document issued by Internal Revenue Service (IRS) containing the Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN) associated with the business.
  6. Before sending your application package, please review Bulk MVR Application Checklist for a list of documents you must submit with the package.

DDS will then review your application. Please allow 30-45 days for DDS to process your application.

Incomplete applications will not be accepted. If your package is incomplete, you will receive an email asking you to submit the valid or missing document(s).

If the application is approved, DDS will:

  • Mail the MVR User Authorization and MVR Certification Notice which will include your Customer ID, User ID and Password. These will be needed to access the Internet MVR Inquiry.

If the application is rejected, you will receive a rejection letter stating the reason(s) for your rejection.

If you have any questions concerning the MVR application process, please e-mail DDS at

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